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Name:Strange Magic Butterfly Bog
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Community for Butterfly Bog shippers
Greetings! Welcome to the Butterfly Bog community where we love anything to do with The Bog King and Princess Marianne from Strange Magic. Every fan of Strange Magic is welcome whether they be readers, writers, reccers, artists, vidders, reviwers, betas, cosplayers or otherwise. Just make sure that both Boggy Woggy (BOG!) and Tough Girl are included.

Membership of this community is moderated. In order to apply, one need simply have a clear statement of their age on their LJ profile. Please do not remove any age statement from your LJ profile page, because we'll have to remove you from the community should you do so.


Any links to Butterfly Bog resources and journals in future will be found on our sidebar. We have a Resource List Entry that members may poke with a stick if they know of one that we don't. And for those looking for Butterfly Bog fanfic recommendations look no further than our Reader's Recs Entry or the recommendation and review tags.

Looking for more friends in the Butterfly Bog shipping community? Well then look no further than our Butterfly Bog Friendship Meme.


1. You must be 18 to join this Butterfly Bog Community.

2. Please avoid any posts that are off topic. The only posts which should be posted here are posts with content directly related to The Bog King/Princess Marianne aka Butterfly Bog or by far more obscure names ~ Boann, Bone, Mog, Mab. If you're uncertain whether or not your post fits this description, e-mail the moderators at (this will be updated when we get one) before posting. Any post that is off topic will therefore be removed.

3.Do use the LJ_Cut tag for any large/NWS images and any fanfiction that is longer than 100 words.

4. Flaming is strictly prohibited.

5. Please use the following form when posting art (this also includes any icons).

6. Please use the following form when posting fanfiction.

7. Please note that if you're posting separate chapters for a singular fanfic that is a WIP, please link to any previous chapters.

8. Please friend-lock all R, NC-17 and 3-3-3 rated ART posts you make, so that only members of the community may see the content.

Note: If you do not take the moderators warnings into consideration, your post will be deleted.

9. For those wishing not to reveal their fanwork publically, please note that Butterfly Bog is a moderated community and all members need to be 18 to join. Therefore, please post your entry elsewhere where its unlocked, but lock it at our community. Or you may choose to post the entirety of the fic here at Butterfly Bog and lock it so that only members of the community may see or read it.

10. While fic searches are fine, we prefer that those searching for fic check out the communities memories first. Eventually we're hoping to see other communities built around the Strange Magic fandom. Including ones that are just for fic finds of the Butterfly Bog relationship and one for Strange Magic Tale finding to find lost stories and author websites (the latter probably isn't needed considering the fandom is still practically in its infancy.) And a community dedicated to a comprehensive Butterfly Bog rec journal. That way things could be perhaps a bit more organized.

11. If one is searching for NC-17 related fic or art, please put it under a lj-cut.


Our community hopes to organize several fests throughout the year for Butterfly Bog shippers. So be on the look out for those.

Interests (11):

bog, butterfly bog, fairy, fanart, fanfic, fanfiction, fantasy, fanworks, princess marianne, strange magic, the bog king
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